We want to make sure your JOOK experience is frictionless

This checklist will help you to kickstart

your JOOK journey

  • Upload photos by selecting Instagram photos you want to make shoppable at your JOOK store, tag the products to let your followers buy them.
  • You do not have to hold any stock of the products. You just need to find the link that will lead users to a place where they can buy them.
  • Every time a sale happens, you get a percentage of the sale. The range varies from 3-15%, depending on a retailer.
  • Make sure when you add the tags, it says "Low/Medium/High Commission" - this means that we are affiliated with that brand and you will get a commission
  • To make your followers aware that your products are shoppable please select this as a location "Shop this Look at JOOK App” or put a link in the bio/caption (jook.shop/username).
  • Every time followers like you Instagram photos, they receive a notification that leads them to your store, where they can buy products you tag. Your followers have to download the app to receive notifications