JOOK is neither an influencer agency nor a sponsorship network platform. JOOK serves as an additional source of income for influencers. Through JOOK you can potentially make money out of all your photos, either sponsored or not. However, we work very closely with both influencer agencies and brands and regularly suggest influencers which we deem to be a good fit for their influencer campaigns
You log in using your Instagram details (don't worry, it is absolutely safe).
You are going to have your own JOOK store for free. All you have to do is to upload directly from Instagram and simply tag what you are wearing in the post. Make sure you notify followers which photos are shoppable at your store. You can do it thought geo-location "Shop This Look at JOOK app", or by adding a link to a bio/caption -
JOOK is highly integrated with Instagram. When a follower likes your photo on Instagram, they will get a notification which directs them to the same photo on the app, but it will be shoppable this time.
We and our partners will do the rest, from payment processing to shipping logistics, so you can make money, simply by taking a photo.
If you are making money through sponsored posts, you can still continue to do so. In fact, you can even monetise sponsored photos with JOOK by making them shoppable in the app! This way, you can make money from both parties 🙂
JOOK does not sign exclusive contracts with influencers. We believe that influencers should have the freedom to work with any agency that they wish to and hold full rights for their own accounts. For influencers signed to an exclusive contract, we will work with their agency/MCN.
There is no required time of commitment. You can decide whether to work with JOOK app or not. You can cancel your account at any point, just send an email to and we will close your JOOK store 🙁
We are highly integrated with Instagram only at the moment but we are working hard to expand to other social platforms. However, you can embed your JOOK store link in other social media channels to ensure you gain maximum visibility and your audience can still shop those products from your shop.
From time to time, brands approach us to introduce them to influencers who fit organically with their brands' DNA. We care a lot about influencers being authentic and it is vital for us to have the right influencer-brand fit. Thus, we will not hesitate to contact you when a relevant opportunity comes along.
If one your followers buys additional items, you will get paid for ALL of them. For example, Jane is your follower and goes to River Island to buy a jacket she clicked on in your store, but there she also buys a pair of shoes. You will get paid for both of them. Additionally, our algorithm is really smart and you`ll get paid for everything she buys on River Island site in the next 30 days.
JOOK payments are sent to you via PayPal within 72 hours after the money is received from brands and retailers. Within the first month as a JOOK influencer, you can link your PayPal account with your JOOK shop and all payments will then be sent to this address.
You can withdraw your JOOK cleared account balance at the stats section in the app. Stats become available within 30 days after you setup your JOOK shop. For commissions to be cleared, they have to be approved by the retailer and paid to us.
The time it takes for an individual commission to clear varies depending on the retailer involved. Typically, retailers give themselves to 60 days to review commissions. It means that it can take 63 days for an individual commission to be cleared and then available to be paid to you.