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JOOK is a free service which makes very easy to monetise your influence by simply tagging what you are wearing. JOOK is a commission-based platform, which can be used alongside all Instagram posts as an additional revenue stream without necessary replacing sponsorship deals. Operating with more than 1500 retailers, and with over 6 million products ready-to-shop from the likes of Gucci, Burberry, Top Shop, ASOS, Zalando, Sephora & Nike, JOOK encourages influencers to stay authentic to brands they truly love.

Shop at the moment of inspiration

How does it work for users?
Every time your followers like your Instagram photo, they receive a notification that directs them to your JOOK store
How can my followers find my JOOK store?
To get the best experience, make sure to notify your followers that your looks are now shoppable at JOOK! You can mention JOOK in your captions or in your Instagram bio by using the link jook.shop/username. You can also set the location to "Shop This Look at JOOK app" on your Instagram photos
Rewarding you for being you
Stay Authentic
Wear what you actually LOVE to wear. JOOK app allows you to communicate your fashion authenticity and showcase your favourite brands in an organic way while being rewarded.
Additional Revenue Stream
Thousands of followers cannot wait to buy what you are wearing. All you have to do is to upload photos from Instagram and let your followers know that your looks are shoppable through JOOK app. You will get a commission every time your followers buy from your JOOK store!
Get discovered by brands
Brands value authenticity. By producing content in a genuine and organic way, you bring value to brands. We will help you to get noticed by brands you love.